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J-Link and Creo 1 - max. 6 or 7 jlink tools possible??


J-Link and Creo 1 - max. 6 or 7 jlink tools possible??


I'm testing Creo 1 on a 64-bit Win XP PC with the latest 64-bit java.

I edited the 9 java tools we have so that they work on the new ribbon UI, and I got all that working (with the new the Designate command).

BUT... as soon as Iload more than 6java tools, I get an error like:

! Message Dialog: Warning
! : Startup of application "BuildAssyFromTextFile" failed.

The java tool mentioned in the error message is always the first one mentioned in; all following tools load nicely. I tried at least 100 combinations of java tools, and all java tools work untill I load more than 6 of them.

When I made thetools in WF4,I already discovered that the names of the help- and messagetexts have to be unique, so I made sure that there are no naming conflicts there.

For clarity: each java tool is called by these 2 lines in

add_java_class_path K:\Csn\Creo\J_Link\Creo_1_0\CreoFindSurfaceModels\build\classes
toolkit_registry_file K:\Csn\Creo\J_Link\Creo_1_0\CreoFindSurfaceModels\build\classes\protk.dat

Anyone has a clue what can be wrong??

As said, all tools work nicely, unless there's more than 6 of them...

Thanks, regards, Jaap

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Hi Jaap,
I ran into this as well. PTC seems to have introduced a limit of the string length for the add_java_class option.
My workaround was to move all classpath definitions from to .psf in the ../parametric/bin folder.

Best Regards,
Bjarne Frandsen

Hi Bjarne,

wow, it works!! Thanks so much!!

Now this is really something I wouldn't have found out myself... although it makes sense now, because there was this one combination of 7 (instead of 6) java tools that worked. Probably the 7 tools with the shortest pathnames 🙂

Kind regards, Jaap