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Latest pre-WildFire version


Latest pre-WildFire version

I need this community's help.

Is anyone running a pre-WildFire version of Pro/E on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit? What version is that and how is the license handled?

I don't seem to be getting the help I need from SC although I paid good money to expect service. Although it seems a huge amount of work on my part, it seems to be the only way I can follow through on this is to load the various versions. I am tired of being dismissed by CS and others that keep us from getting straight answers. The only solution is to load the other versions myself because PTC is too {snip snip} to do this themselves and resolve my issues.

Anyone else still running V18.0 actively? That would be my other question.




hi Tom,

Not me but I would start with reading the email that contains licence packs and then search the knowledgebase.

With PTC support it's alot about asking the right question. Anyway, I think your current licence should work for lets say Pro/E 2000i.


That stuff just makes my head hurt

Looks like 2001 was the latest that also support the simplified license in the link.

I did find this on Wikipedia:


I so dread having to do this

Yeah, lots of boring read.

You wouldn't be fine with Pro/E 2000i?

I am sure there is more in the knowledgebase.

2001 was my fave release, I hate the WF GUI ("lead-vs. follow", really?), but somehow the creo interface is 10 times worse. At least in WF the mapkeys worked in both modeling and drawing mode. With creo, the nightmare continues in that mapkeys that work in dwg mode won't work in modeling mode, and vice versa. As such, I'm crippled and haven't even bothered to update my mapkeys. Now THAT'S moving forward, right?

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