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License File & ptcstatus


License File & ptcstatus

I'm new at Arthrex and trying to get a handle on how things are setup

I downloaded our detailed license report and it shows that we have one
floating seat of "Creo Elements/Pro Enterprise SE" which I believe is
the seat Flex3c that I see when I run ptcstatus.

Can you help me understand what I'm seeing when I run ptcstatus, is the
one seat of PROE_Flex3C locked somehow to "jsmith"?

When I configure my machine to try and pull that license I get a

License request failed for feature PROE_Flex3c: -101:

All licenses are reserved for others.

Has something been configured to only allow certain users to pull this

"jsmith" is not pulling the license as you can see below, when he
launches ProE he's pulling a seat of "PROE_FoundationAdv"

Displaying status for license file: 7788xxx-s-pro

License Server: xxx-s-pro

License In Use

------- ------

PROE_FoundationAdv 2 38

PROE_FoundationAdv xxx-s-pro 7788 1719

PROE_FoundationAdv xxx-s-pro 7788 2313

PROE_Flex3C 0

PROE_Flex3C xxx-s-pro 7788 0

Thanks in advance,


Thanks Gerry,

Yes, PROE_Flex3C is "Creo Elements/Pro Enterprise SE".

And your ptcstatus indicates that this one license is indeed reserved to
be used only by jsmith.

However, just because it is reserved for jsmith, it does not mean that
jsmith will necessarily get the license when Pro/E runs.

Re-run ptcsetup.bat on jsmith's PC and review which licenses it attempts
to use, and in which order.

(The ptcsetup command is in the same folder as ptcstatus.)

I assume that the configuration on that PC has PROE_FoundationAdv
specified as the first (or only) license.

Add PROE_Flex3C if it is not in the list, and then move it to the top of
the list of licenses.

If you wish to remove the reservation and allow anyone to use the

On your license server, go to the folder where PTC's FlexNet is

The default location is C:\Program Files\flexnet.

In the sub-folder "licensing" edit the file "ptc.opt" with notepad or
other text editor.

This file normally has only 1 or 2 lines.

The first should begin with REPORTLOG.

The 2nd usually should begin with TIMEOUTALL

Any additional lines were added by someone.

Any lines that begin with "RESERVE" are literally reserving licenses for
users, PC's, or groups of users/PC's.
Simply delete these lines.

Save the file & exit.

Then restart the license service.

If you would like to know more about the above options file and
everything else about FlexNet (previously known as FlexLM) see the
user's guide:

<flexnet install=" point=">\html\usascii\proe\helpSysTop\siteset\flex.pdf



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