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License not available anymore


License not available anymore

Hi alls,

I really need help for this case, don't know what to do.

I was using Creo elements Pro 5 on a Win7 64x computer for several weeks.

I have a Creo2 license but stay on ProE5 for this project.

Since yesterday, I can't use my license.

I'm trying to use it on the same computer that license server is installed.

I've installed FlexNet from Creo 2.0 and it tells me license is
''inaccessible'' (?).

Even if I delete it, and add again license file.

PTCstatus tell me :

FLEXnet Licensing error:-15,10. System Error: 10061 "WinSock: Connection

For verification purposes, I've disabled Antivirus, firewalls and other
protection softwares.

I don't know if I have to search on PTC licensing or Windows networks

However, I didn't change any setting ; so why now ???

I would really appreciate any advice.

I have to work and can't start ProE anymore.




Hi GB...

I'm not well versed on Creo 2 and it's requirements, differences, etc yet because we're not using it yet. But could it be that the FlexNet from Creo 2 is causing the problem?

If you're not using 2.0 right now, I might just remove it and re-install WF5 with the licensing tools from WF5. Perhaps the FlexLM tools have changed from WF5 to Creo 2? Not sure if this would make a difference.

But at the very least I'd try doing a complete re-install of WF5, re-installing the WF5 license file, and trying again.

Good luck!

Brian K. Martin
Sr. Mechanical/Application Engineer
SGT, Inc. under contract to
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

301.286.0059 (NASA Office)
443.421.2532 (Cell)

Thanks very much,

That’s what I’ve done
and it works again.

I can work ! it’s Great.

However, few days ago, I wanted to try Creo (1.0) so I’ve installed Creo
Software and license server of Creo 1.0.

After that, License server never starts after each computer restart.

Someone told me (on this group) that it’s a known problem of Creo1 license

It was true.

So, I’ve installed Creo2 license server.

Then, all was working fine.

But, it has been working
few days.

Don’t know why it stops.

Now, I can do what I have to do with Wildfire5, but don’t have Creo 1 (or 2)

It’s a little bit frustrating, even if, for now, I only have ‘’Creo/Elements
Pro 5’’ jobs.


De : Martin, Brian K. (GSFC-540.0)[SGT INC] [
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