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pview express and thumbnail viewer installs (CE/P5)


pview express and thumbnail viewer installs (CE/P5)

Hi All,
We're upgrading to the cutting edge.....going to Creo Elements/Pro 5....or as I like to refer to it...CE-P50...(I know....risky getting this close to the latest release of Creo...haha).
Here's the statement / question:
We are trying to create an image to copy to each user's machine. But every time we try to copy it to a new machine and start CE-P50 on that machine, we are presented with the notification that we don't have pview express and/or the thumbnail viewer installed (it gives us the option to install these at that point in time). (This a great news because I enjoy installing software that asks me to install more software when the installation is complete.)
So my question there a way that I can auto-magically install these in my image of Pro/E and copy it to all user machines so that they don't have to be prompted to install software after they are done installing software? We have tried this but it doesn't seem to work. We must be missing something.
Our users have no admin rights (due to the despotism of a certain dept within the org), so they can't even install it if they wanted to. Is there any way to pre-install and copy these additional items (pview express & thumbnail viewer) without actually logging into each user's machine and installing them after the other installation is complete?
Any help is appreciated.

Mike -
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Hi Mike...

We've faced the same problem and the same despotism. The problem is that Wildfire 5 (Creo Elements Pro/5) can be copied to the user's workstation and then run without a problem. But those two other applications (ProductView Express and PTC Thumbnail Viewer) must be actually "installed" (they make entries to the registry).

Our IT people understand that they'll have to make a service call to each user to install these applications. We have an agreement where they'll provide "5 minutes" of elevated privileges to our users to install these applications after which time the privileges are removed.

There are some automated IT tools that can perform installations remotely. These may also help. Some companies have simply chosen to remove the two problematic applications by removing the .msi files from the Creo directories. Without those files, you won't be prompted to install the applications each day.

Other than using a slick IT tool that allows remote installations using elevated privileges OR allowing the user to have temporary elevated privileges so he can install those apps himself, you're likely going to be stuck. If you imaged all your new workstations with the apps pre-installed, that would obviously work, too. But you're probably not trying to wipe each users workstation just to install an update to Creo.

Maybe someone else has a better answer... if so, I'd sure like to hear it because we've been stuck with this dilemma for quite awhile.


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