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Limiting users to one license


Limiting users to one license

You can limit users to one license. You have to do it in the ptc.opt file.

From my ProE admin 101 talk from PTCUser 2010:

Appendices’ – Licensing Options File
• You can use the options file to limit users to running one copy of ProE at a time.
21-Topaz I

Tell me if I am wrong but I think if you have two different licenses they could still open one license of each. Therefore two licenses opened by one user at the same time.

Steve G

The example I gave reserved licenses for a group. However tpi 129441 shows how to reserve only one license for each individual user.

David Haigh

Hi there,

I have a problem about floating license after internet connection lost, after losting license on that computer, and wanting to re-run Creo on it, I get the message of maximum number of users already reached .. even if not any session of Creo is running.

I think I have to release (in some way) the license, so, how can I do that?, thanks very much!.

Thanks, I solved the problem by using batch files already included ... ptcstatus and ptcflush.

Thanks again.

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