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Has anyone encountered the problem that if Creo 3.0 crashes you lose all the mapkeys from your file? I've had this happen twice now.

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No, but that's what it may look like. Why do you think they are not there anymore? How did they get there to begin with?

Hello David,

Thank you for your reply.

How do I know they are not there anymore?

After the crash when I start Creo again and try to use my mapkeys they don't work. When I then look in my file where they are normally listed they are not there anymore. The comments we have added are still there but the mapkey sequences are gone.

How do they get there? When I record the mapkeys and save them from what I see they get saved in my file.


23-Emerald III

Double check to make sure that you don't have multiple (s) and that they mistakenly got save to a different

You can also check the date of the to see if it corresponds to the date you created the mapkeys.

Did you make back up config files when you added the mapkeys? I usually name the "old ones" (i.e.

I have done that. Only one Like I said, it doesn't delete the mapkey comments - only all the mapkey commands. I've had a few crazy things happen with Creo. I haven't recorded the other things that happened but will do so in the future. Everytime I make changes to my I now am backing it up.

There are a few possibilities:

1) Some unrelated process is over-writing your It may also be over-writing other files, crashing Creo.

2) It's a severe bug - what version/release? This is a problem PTC will have to resolve

3) You are looking at a different file. You should open the file(s) using Notepad or another text editor.

Where's that FAQ on files?

I typically create a mapkey.txt file and keep mapkeys there. It makes it easier to manage and should avoid the problems shown above. There is only one mapkey in the file, and that loads the mapkey.txt file, which I can do manually if required.

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