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Memory problems with 32 bit machine


Memory problems with 32 bit machine

Dear all

In November last year we migrated to Wildfire 5 and Intralink 9.1 and have
had a number of issues.

One of the main problems we have however, is on our 32 bit machines. Which
are constantly running out of memory since the upgrade. Models that would
open fine in wildfire 3 and Intralink 8 now cause us serious memory issues
locking up Proe on numerous occasions during each day loosing any unsaved

We have a mixture of machines but they are mostly Dell Precision T1500
i7CPU with 3GB ram on the but we are only using 2GB due to the 32 bit
memory limit. We have also tried to use the 3GB switch but this caused a
conflict with our Nvidia Quadro FX 580 graphics cards and we had to revert
back to 2GB.

The pcs are originally 64 bit machines but due to issues with 64 bit
drivers we reinstalled the 32 system.

Has anyone come across this problem and found a solution other than change
to 64 bit pc's

Best regards

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David, There are a few workarounds to assist but no guarantees: I suggest: 1. Use graphics reps or simplified reps to reduce the memory demand on the system. Rather than opening the master rep and then switching to a simplified rep, open the simplified rep to reduce the models that are required in memory.2. You can reduce graphics demand by reducing the number of times the model refreshes during rotation. The setting is in Model Display.3. You can reduce the graphics demand again by turning off the small edge regeneration. This makes models look a bit lumpy but is generally fine.4. Don’t use the enhanced realisation feature for large models. (Sorry, I haven’t got Creo on this computer at the moment, so I’m not sure of the exact menu picks). We have found that this improves performance on some models. Good luck.Regards,MartinMartin Cross | Engineering Infrastructure Manager | niftylift | Fingle Drive, Stonebridge, Milton Keynes, MK13 0ER | T: +44 (0)1908 857902 | F: +44 (0)1908 857993 | E: mcross@niftylift.comPlease consider the environment before printing this email. From: David BAILEY [
23-Emerald II

I have found that the /3GB switch doesn't really do any good unless you have 4GB of memory in the machine.
With 3GB in your machines, you don't even have 2GB of memory for Pro/E since the OS takes 1.1GB and the graphics card takes some more of what is left.

Try upgrading 1 machine to 4GB and utilize the /3GB switch with /USERVA=1100.
You did not say which OS you are running, I am guessing Win XP.

Wildfire 5 does seem to use more memory than WF3 did.
The simplified rep usage is a good way to help manage limited memory resources.

Thank you,

Ben H. Loosli

You should check your and make sure you don't have enable_hlr_hashing set to yes. This will cause drawings with cross sections to use exponentially more memory than they did in WF3.

If it's not that config option, my guess is it's some other combination of config options. I suggest you eliminate the config files entirely and do a test. If you could bring up a file in WF3 and work on it, you should have no problems bringing the same file up in WF5.

This TPI walks you through using perfmon to monitor the memory usage of ProE. You should go through the trouble of doing this, because what you describe is not normal.

A couple more things.

Moving to 64bit and not increasing the memory in the system will not buy you anything over the same machine with the 32bit OS.

Since your working with PDMLink, I have to ask if you did any tuning on the client PC's. If not please look at the attached document and read the links on PTC's web site.

David Haigh

I have had a play with perfmon, and I am a little confused.
The TPI states that ProE will exit when Virtual Bytes reaches 2000MB, but
mine is sitting at 3995MB pretty much straight & level.
Any ideas what I may have done wrong?



Does anyone have a contact for someone who can stamp sheet metal into
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Regarding the 3GB switch and Nvidia driver, using the userva=2900 parameter reserves enough memory on our machines to load the Nvidia drivers


Pro Users:

Why is Pro/E hanging up on right clicks inside the window? I think
they are called context menus. It is sometimes doing this on the top
row of menus also.


The menus that drop down from there are similar to right clicks in the
window. It may be related to running 2 sessions of Pro at once. It seem
worse in the 2nd session. The menu comes up and is stuck. I can't
select anything on it and I have to click somewhere else to get it to go

The constants:

Wildfire 3 M100

Dell Precision T3500 64 bit

2 monitors

No Intralink PDMlink or Windchill

--Tom Carrington--
Rexair LLC

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