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Note Display in Assembly Mode

21-Topaz II

Note Display in Assembly Mode


I have a 3D note / Annotation created in a part. I have the 'Notes'
toggle on and my 'Notes' layer in the part on.

In part mode, the note is visible as expected; however, in the assembly
I cannot get it to show. I've checked the model display settings and
the environment settings but cannot find anything that would seem to
control this.

How do I get this to show in assembly mode? Is there a config option
I'm missing?

Doug Schaefer

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Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer


I'm running WF 5 but I believe the config option "visible_annotations_scope" is there as well. It lets you specify whether sub-model annotations are visible in assemblies. By default it is set to "Active Model Only" but you can set it to "All"

Give that a try - should do what you want

Mike Brattoli
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visible_annotations_scope all