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Obsolete config options?


Obsolete config options?

In looking through the config options today, I'm wondering about a couple of options.


I used to know what these two options did in pre-Wildfire days.

The menu manager option I can understand still sticking around because it still exists here and there.

However I don't know what the thermometer position option does any more. I can't remember seeing one of those dialogs in a long time. Does it still exist in the software somewhere? And if it does, does window_overlap or no_window_overlap really make any difference?

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Did you try searching older versions on Olaf's site? He's got full
explanations if you go back a few revs.

I think that has something to do with the graphical display of the
scales with analysis results, but I can't remember what. It goes back a
long ways.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I believe the option, Thermo_position_hint allow you to turn on/off and position the little pop-up text that is attached to each icon when you roll and hold your mouse cursor over an icon.

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Should have looked at this before, in WF5 the text in the options dialog
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Huh ?
Clear as mud 🙂

You really have to go back to at least rev20 to understand what the thermometer-type scales are. I have a vague idea what they look like, and I remember they used to pop up over stuff you needed to get to, hence the config option.

What it does in Creo or for that matter Wildfire, I don't know. Can someone point out a dialog box that has thermometer-type scales?

David Haigh

I wonder if this is what shows the result of a "Tools<compare part<by=" geometry&quot;=" session?<br="/>

I don't have Creo, but maybe ANALYSIS- GEOMETRY - SHADED CURVATURE???

This what I got from the PTC website,  
Enables you to position the thermometer-type scales whenever they appear so that they do not overlap the Creo windows (if space permits, for example, if windows have been scaled).