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Hi experts

i am facing an isuue, while creating line stock.

in my configuration, for piping i have configured

1. piping_material_source material_dir

2. pro_material_dir assigned on correct location.

I have uploaded some screen shorts. please view that error and help me to resolve it.



Actually i am facing problem, when i show the material path in line stock creating. It saying only one parameter value is allowed.

If i not show path for material file directory i am able to create line stock.

Why happening like this?

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Hi Viswanathan...

You may want to try setting piping_material_file as well as pro_material_dir. It could be that PTC was attempting to split the piping materials off from the regular material files but forgot to update the documentation for piping_material_source.

Right now the documentation for piping_material_source says that if material_dir is set as the value, then the location used in pro_material_dir is used. Maybe they meant to change it to piping_material_dir but it got missed. Try it and let me know if that works.

I'd say if that doesn't work, you should re-check your pro_material_dir location. Make sure you're pointing to a directory. If none of that resolves the issue, you may need to call PTC and open a call. It could be that this option is simply not working right in your version of Creo (or Pro/E).



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