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PTCsetup doesn't work


PTCsetup doesn't work

Hello to everybody,

I'm trying to install some license extension (Advanced Rendering) but I'm having problems when I launch the PTCsetup.bat.

A DOS windows comes up for a while and nothing happen later.

My system is a WinXP 32bit, PROE is WF4 M100.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



If you need to reinstall ProE, you go to the directory: proe_WF4_loadpoint \ bin \ and run there ptcsetup.bat

In the event that the system can not run the file ptcsetup.bat, you can start the installation directly from:
proe_WF4_loadpoint \ dsrc \ i486_nt \ obj \ ptcsetup.exe


Best Regards,
Vladimir Palffy

Thanks a lot Vladimir,

but unfotunately also the ptcsetup.exe doesn't work.

Any other suggestions?

I suppose that the base license works.
Open license file and find:

# Serviceable = Creo Elements/Pro FPL REP Package (formerly Pro/ENGINEER)
# Feature Name = 283
# Feature Version = 31.0
# Number of Copies = 1
# Expiration Date = 31-aug-2011
# Module = Advanced Rendering Extension 2

When not working ptcsetup.exe, you can add to license information about running modules manually into *. psf file.

Opening file (example .... loadpoint \ bin \ proe1.psf): and add number "283" behind name of your license.

Information is necessary to add at the end of the line in between brackets (283):


For example:


in your *.psf file.


The numbers in between brackets defines the startup type of running licenses.

Best Regards,
Vladimir Palffy