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Parameterize model and run in batch mode


Parameterize model and run in batch mode

I need some help in creating a parametric model in Creo.

The Creo needs to run in batch mode to do the following:

Fetch the input parameters from text file > Modify the geometry using the parameters> Write geometry file to disk

I am successful at creating a pro/program that can take input file parameters ( regenerate> input file>specify text file). I can even run trail file to do the same. However all that only works in GUI.

I need a windows batch command to run creo that takes input geometry and parameter file as input and writes updated geometry back.

Is that too much to ask from a software?


I think you are almost there

You just need to create a batch file with the following command:

C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Parametric\bin\Parametric.exe -g:no_graphics trail_file.txt

Replace the path to Parametric.exe with yours. Replace trail_file.txt with your own trail file name.

This command will run Creo in background and execute the designated trailfile.


hey Jose, 

Right now I am working on similar stuff. I tried the command for running creo on batch mode using the above command suggested by you. But I am getting an error that "No write access to C:\Program Files\~ " Can you please help me in solving this error 

Thanks Jose, I am able to run Creo using above batch command and pre-recorded trail file.

1)However the trail file has GUI type commands ,is there anywhere I could find documentation for Creo commands such as "~ Command `ProCmdModelSaveAs". I could actually program it better way?

2) Although 'parametric.exe trail file' command does my job, it keeps windows processes still opren viz. Creoagent.exe and cmd.exe ..I have to manually kill those processes, which is not good. Is there a way/command in trail file/creo batch file that can avoid that?


Hello, i'm very interested to this procedure. I have to run CREO in batch mode and update (every run, so every step) the geometry parameters.Finally, before closing the software, i have to save the geometry with iges format. Can you explain me the method for the "batch parametrization"??


thank you,


best regards



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