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Part attribute to trigger drawing notes...


Part attribute to trigger drawing notes...

I am in the process of defining a drawing used for raw material purchasing (round bar stock, for example)

The idea is that the model would be family-tabled, and individual (not tabled) drawings would be created for each family table instance with the name of the family table instance would match the drawing number.

Because the conditions of the material may change for each instance, I would like to have the drawing have specific notes defined and hidden / visible depending on the requirements of each raw material.

I can also see myself creating specific yes/no parameters for each condition, embedded into the family table, but how will this trigger a specific drawing note, etc... to be included or shown?


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Seems like you may want to handle this via spreadsheet rather than CAD.

Speaking of which, there is a company which makes a program called Nitrocell. It is an interface which lets you make models and drawings parametrically and automatically from an excel interface. You have to set up the model and drawing initially, however the program allows you to create new models and drawings on the fly simply by specifying certain values in the program (essentially it automates the creation process once it has been set up). Press the "finished" button and the models and drawings are created. Let me know if this is something you are interested in pursuing, I can find out more information for you.


If possible use Inheritance instead of a Family Table. This will let you handle the materials and having less pain with Windchill.
In the past I have used Drawing Program, the equivalent to Pro/Program to handle view and note display from parameter values.
So everything needed is available in Creo.

Best Regards,
Bjarne Frandsen
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