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curves not visible


curves not visible


I have never seen this before. A new user running WF5 loaded an old config
file that has been floating around the office since before WF - I can tell
from some of the settings and some of the mapkey syntaxes. Upon doing so,
he lost all ability to see any datum curve. They highlight when selected
from the tree. They redefine properly and are visible in sketcher. They
cannot be seen on the screen. Layers are fine, features are set to visible.
I just cannot figure it out. Allegedly, if he runs without this config, he
can see the curves as expected. The config file is over 100k and has
hundreds of lines. There are some mapkeys and settings in there that he
supposedly needs. I instructed him on building his own config using
copy/paste, etc. But I am still wondering what config setting would stop
curve visibility.

Any ideas for this or for troubleshooting this?

Thanks a lot.


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In earlier versions of Pro, the option used to be:


Check to see if he has those set to "no"

In Wildfire 5.0, you can set the following options to yes.

display_planes yes
display_plane_tags yes

Hope this helps!

If they a only missing in shaded mode this option could be the problem:

curves*, no
Displays datum curves on shaded objects.

Best Regards,
Bjarne Frandsen