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Productview - parts not showing up


Productview - parts not showing up

We are having trouble with PV9.1.
I open an assembly in Pro/E (WF2) and it displays as expected.
I do 'File, Backup' and save the assembly to my hard disc. I open that from
Pro/E and it displays as aexpected.
I open the same assembly using PV and, of the 7 components, only two show
Do you have any idea why this should be?
The parts were all created on the same machine, using the same start part
and the same, as far as I can tell.

I'm baffled now.


John Wayman, C.Eng, FIED
Senior Mechanical Engineer

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I have also just noticed that the progress bar at the top of the screen
never makes it all the way across and the little curly-wurly string of dots
just keeps on going round...


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