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Proe Crashes while trying to set working directory


Proe Crashes while trying to set working directory

To all Proe Gurus,

I am hoping you can help me.

My boss has a HP Compaq NW8240 Mobile workstation. (Running WF2 M050, EMX4.1

He has had the machine about 3 years now. I re-installed the OS a few months
ago as the machine was getting pretty slow.

After installation things were 100% again, and he was happy.

Now since about a week ago after opening Proe, and trying to set the working
directory it shuts down.

No changes have been made to the PC whatsoever including windows update.

So I updated all software components - No Luck

I removed Proe and reinstalled - No Luck

I removed all networking and re-installed (thought network driver was
corrupt) - No Luck

I seem to feel that there is a hardware problem.

Maybe RAM or VGA???

How can I test these.

I am now out of options and my boss needs to catch up on his work.





Hello Mark,

By "...after opening Proe, and trying to set the working directory it shuts down."do you mean the whole computer powers down? Or did you mean Proe closes down?

If you mean that Proe just "goes away", then others might be able to help. I recall something about this on the exploder. Seems it was somehow related to the display of the default web page within Proe.

If the laptop powers down by itself, then I agree, what you describe sounds more like a hardware problem. I had a similar case witha Dell laptop. The internal cooling fan hadgone out and when started from a cold state the computer would work fine for a period of time until the computer warmed up. Doing graphic intensive work (added cpu cycles/RAM/GPU)would cause the system to heat up quicker and when the magic temperature is reached... POP, down it goes. Failure of the GPU itself is more likely to cause fouled screen display than a full blown shutdown. You may be able to test the system cooling by visually observing the fan or by placing a light tissue over the cooling exhaust vents when the system is up to temp to check for air flow.

Dell has diagnostics programs on a separate partition on their laptops. I would be suprised if HP did not have something similar.If so, aslong as that service partition still exists you can probably boot to it and run the diagnostics. Or maybe they have a downloadable diagnostic app.

Hope this helps.

Mark Grothe

CAD/CAM Manager
ITT Corporation
Interconnect Solutions
Cannon, VEAM, BIW
Phone: (714) 628-8451


Our machines started doing this lately. Haved you looked at the std.out & std.err files? Ours had an error code that I never saw before this problem and seems to be related to the browser loading. We fixed our problem by setting the option "web_browser_homepage" to "about:blank" (minus quotes). HTH.


Another fun trick is to remove one RAM stick at a time and try it for
each case. I have seen more than once a bad stick of RAM causing black

Also, I have heard from both forums and a Lenovo tech that one trick is
to unplug all sources of power (AC and battery), hold the power button
in for 1 minute and then push it 30 times (seems excessive to me, but
when your desperate...) then reconnect the power and try it. I have not
experienced the magic that this supposedly conjures, but I've read the
joyous praises of people for whom it did work.

Other than that, all I can offer you is my co-miseration and my

And I wish you the best of luck.


Just for everyone's edification, there is a free program out there called
"Speedfan" that will show you how fast your fans are running. It provides a
graphic display along with a number of other useful bits of information.
It's a free download. I don't know if it works on a laptop, but it's
certainly worth a shot.

Ken Sauter

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