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Purge - Rename of LIbrary Files


Purge - Rename of LIbrary Files

Our company (anonymous for now please) has a large library of standard hardware like MS, NAS, ASME fasteners, inserts, nuts and bolts as part of our hardware library.  The problem comes when we receive a STP of a customer assembly as a starting point for design, their STP also contains a large number of standard hardware with the same name as our library file names. (e.g. years ago, companies stopped generating custom PNs for standard hardware and just created these items using the specification number.).  


As a result, multiple companies end up having the same PN/Filename for a standard hardware item like a screw or nut.  This poses a problem when we want to capture the customer's data items (STP, PRT, ASSY files) in our Intralink system. It causes too many conflicts for our own custom designs which also call out these standard parts.


So, we capture them in ZIP files outside the I-Link environment.  You can see that adds a lot of file manipulation during the project and disconnects the design data (supplier models and drawings for MFG and Fab) from the requirements data (customer models & drawings)


Of course the natural thought is to customize the filenames of our library parts by putting a "_x1" or the company acronym on the end of the file name.  This way our hardware library would have our unique file names and customer models would have a generic filename.


The challenge:

1.  Determine the safest and best way to conduct a mass filename change of library parts without corrupting our ASSY files.  Unix command, PTC tool or script, IT service provider?

2.  Determine the process for conducting this mass change.  Setting up test vaults, isolated installation of Creo/Intralink, try a 100 files first then a 1000?

3.  FYI:  We are not using Windchill, only Iintralink and likely will not be able to upgrade since our parent company is on another PDM tool and we'll be scheduled to move to it in a year or two.


Please advise or direct to a service provider?  I'm sure this issue has arise with other type companies that use standard hardware.



Based on what I am understanding - you can do this pretty much for FREE.   (and pretty easy to do).


Just use CREOSON ... you can accomplish this easily with Creo Models, Family Tables or even STP Files...


In CREOSON - you would simply need to import the STP file - and then get the list of names in session -- then do the rename and save as your new assembly - or part.


This is a pretty simple process do to - you could also update parameters and a bunch of other things.   When done, this could be a standard process for importing STP files or evaluating content from your customers.


Note, it can be a bit tricky working with STP files depending on where they were generated - the import of them is confusing at times (not sure if this is PTC's doing - or generated this way by other vendors) - often a sub-nested and odd named extension... for what should be obvious.   BUT - if you know what to do - you can easy - de-nest and save like a proper design / structure with CREOSON.


If you need help with it - you can request consulting through the CREOSON site.


Hope this helps.




23-Emerald II

What version of Intralink are you using?

Intralink 8 and higher are based on Windchill.

Intralink 3.4 and lower are a different design.


One of the reasons we still create our own part numbers for standard hardware and use family tables.

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