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Red/Amber, forcing users to fix their models.


Red/Amber, forcing users to fix their models.

Is it possible to stop people saving a model if the traffic lights are red or amber?


yes. Model Check can do that.

I'll need to look into model check. Is this something that needs to be run by the user?

Hi Steven,

Were you able to use the config option that Shane suggested, allow_save_failed_model?  Or any of the other suggestions that were made?

If so, please mark it as the Correct Answer, so other users with a similar question, can find the answer quickly.



<bump old thread>

What ModelCheck option is there for reporting when the traffic lights are not green?

We found REGEN_ERRS but it looks more complex than a simple 'are the traffic lights green', and apparently can be slow to run which is undesirable.


23-Emerald II

You wouldn't want to stop saving. That could turn in to a castrophe if you can't save your model and it crashes. In simple cases of minor parts, that may not be an issue but on large assemblies and more complicated parts, fixing a regeration error may not be a simple click and regen.

If you are using Windchill, you can have the ModelCheck results written to the header. You can also set limits, so 2 errors/5 warnings (or whatever values you find acceptable) will still allow a check-in.

ModelCheck does take time to understand and get the check parameters right for you.

allow_save_failed_model (config file option should be what you are looking for).

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