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Reduce bars dimensions in Creo 4


Reduce bars dimensions in Creo 4


Anyone knows how to reduce this bars? In my laptop 17" they are quite big. I don't like full screen mode.

Thank you.


Hi Mauro,

How about minimise toolbars?


Or you can as cram up bunch of icons in quick access toolbar.


Thank for the feed back but i mean reducing dimensions of toolbar, not minimising.

There's no way that I am aware of to change the height of the ribbon.  The model tree can be changed through the "Windows Settings" are of the Options dialog (at least in Creo 2 & 3):


Can you bump up your screen resolution?  This is one reason I dislike 16:9 monitors for anything but movie watching - reduced vertical screen real estate.  Unfortunately, that's become the standard.  I have two 16:10 Dell U2415 monitors on my desk that I love.

You can also move your Windows toolbar to the side of the screen instead of the default bottom of the screen.  That frees up some vertical screen room.  The only other option is minimizing the ribbon.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

it looks like you could make it larger but not smaller using the configuration option default_ui_font

The same goes for model_tree_font

I think model_tree_font, default_ui_font, Windows Settings helped me a little. On the left Creo3, Creo4 on the right.


Looks real good!

have you set visible_message_lines to 1 also?

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