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Revolved mesh?


Revolved mesh?


How do we revolve a shell mesh to get solids in Simulate? Have I missed a menu somewhere?

I want a regular revolved brick mesh (with wedges where the mesh touches the axis of revolution or the geometry is 'sharp')

The only way I can begin to approach what I want is to break the component up with volume regions to isolate any bits that touch the axis of revolution that will become wedges. I will guess that it will work if I break the part into many slices using volume regions where the cross section of each slice each being the quad I would have created by hand for revolving.

This seems a rather convoluted methodology.

In Mechanica Independent it was easy,,, could even create the quad shells by hand until I discovered I get license error 26.

What am I missing (apart from the relevant Advanced license feature that we should have), or is this really as difficult as I have found?


Attached images:

1. original geometry and thin solid mesh result

2. mapped mesh wireframe showing where the shape is not what I would create by hand (volume regioned bits can be seen)

3. What autogem makes of the mesh instructions (can't create bricks and so opts for tets)

4. 'interesting' wedges


Hi Charles,

One clarification is that you don't have to create volume regions - you can just create field datum points as references for the mapped mesh regions.

On issue 2, the visualization lines you see while editing the region do not necessarily exactly predict the shape and location of the eventual elements. The latter will tend to be more smoothly distributed.

Issues 3 and 4 are bugs - could you please file a case with TS ? We'll also see if issue 2 can be improved when 3 is fixed.



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