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SUMMARY: ILINK 3.4 M011upgrade to M062 on Solaris 10 SPARC

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SUMMARY: ILINK 3.4 M011upgrade to M062 on Solaris 10 SPARC


Thank you all for any advices and support.

Upgrade to ILINK M062 was successful. We upgraded OS Solaris from 8 to
10. Oracle from 9i to 10g. Pro/E WF2 from M250 to M280.

We performed first system upgrade in the test/dev instance then we did
it in the production.

Outline script from our upgrade (of course PTC manuals explain some
tasks shown below in more details, your configuration and steps might be

1. shutdown lic server(s)[cad]

2. Backups (validate if ok) [root]

3. Export dump file [dba]

4. Run dbshut_ilink [dba]

5. Remove fileserver 3.4 M011 [root]

6. Run Oracle utility dbca and remove Oracle [dba]

7. Boot to Solaris 5.10 from Solaris 5.8 [root]

8. Install fileserver 3.4 M062 for Unix [root ]

9.Stop all the processes related to Oracle [root]

10. Delete all the directories and files under <oracle_loadpoint>.

11. Delete the following folders/files: [root]

/var/tmp/* - (.oracle)

/tmp/* - (.oracle)

/var/opt/ptc (contains a folder named osa)




12. Remove .ilink_cshrc file from the data server owner's directory

13. Remove <dba home=" directory=">/.com.zerogregistry.xml [root]

14. setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH <oracle loadpoint=">/lib [root]

15. Install OSA, ORACLE and data server [dba - 90 mins]

16. Before importing turn off log archive mode in Oracle when done turn
it back [dba]

17. Run ilink_import [dba]

18. Run ilink_patches [dba]

19. Install client and test. [cad]

Error I was getting that is described below was related to corrupted
installation CDs. Solved by recopy of all installation binaries.

Users suggested:

a). I haven't installed M062 dataserver however I did install M060
dataserver on Solaris 10 without problems. I had java 1.6, set the path
as /opt/ptc/dataserver/osia for the install directory, and installed as
the oracle user.

b). I have M060 data servers running on Solaris 10 in zones. It is

c). I upgraded/migrated from Ilink 3.4 M050 to Ilink 3.4 M060.

Basically upgrading to Ilink 3.4 M060 is 6 basic steps:

1. create ilink dump file of existing install 2. shutdown existing
install and backup 3. remove/rename old install (assuming you are
installing on the same


4. install M060 as new install

5. import dump file

6. run ilink_patches

d). You must have all pre-reqs, but we had several things that kill us
on our HP-UX upgrade from M011 to m012.

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