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SUMMARY: Intent objects?


SUMMARY: Intent objects?

You ever have one of those days where you feel like a total idiot? That
just happened to me.

We filed this problem with PTC. They promptly called, and we tried
diagnosing the problem, and we couldn't figure it out.

These were the steps that we were going thru, outlined in CS4747

. To fix this issue and recreate model Intent geometry, please
follow the steps given below.

1. Set config option logical_objects with value yes

2. Regenerate entire part using Model Player

3. Remove the config option

4. Save the model

I do this while I'm on the phone, and it doesn't work. After several
attempts, the tech and I share screens, and he watches me do the steps.
As I'm preforming the steps, I grab the drag bar (red box) and drag the
handle to the beginning of the model:

In doing so, I do NOT get all of the way back to the beginning of the
model, I only get back to feature 1! Because of this, I am NOT
regenerating ALL of the features, because I'm not getting 1.

You have to push on the REWIND TO BEGINNING button to get to the
beginning, or to get to feature 0. After doing that, it DOES work as

Actually seems pretty simple now, and I'm almost embarrassed to admit that
I couldn't figure this out on my own. I just had tunnel vision with the
drag handle, and never thought about using rewind and fast forward to
accomplish this.

Hopefully my ignorance helps someone else avoid this pain in the future!

A great big thanks again to everyone that was trying to help me get to the
bottom of this! Sometimes the most obvious solution is right under your

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