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Save All

23-Emerald II

Save All

I suffer a hard crash yesterday with things in various states of having been saved. I was wondering if there was a save all option. When I searched, I found this product suggestion. So this doesn't exist unless it has been added since then.

Thanks, Dale

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I would really love to hear one of PTC's developers on this issue.

I am one of those paranoid savers. I open and save everything in memory before I finish my session.

I once heard the phrase "save when you think about it" and I practice this religiously with Creo.

Just the fact that you cannot even see what parts have changed makes this the most unfriendly operation of them all. I don't know if a Windchill interface makes it any better, but as-is, chances of missing something is too great.

What really bugs me? You can make changes in a part from an assembly level by activating it. But when you "save", it saves the assembly, not the active part. You now have to open it to save it, which of course, as an OCD candidate, I have to do with every change made in this manner.

I'm quite sure there are settings somewhere to help this, but it is a well kept secret.

So often I am saving and re-saving because I don't remember if I save (no Wind-burn here - Frank ). But another bug-a-boo is that the freindly pop-up window is hiding behind the main window, even after I do an alt-F, S, thumb slap on the space bar. Therefor, I come back a couple miniutes later and realize it hasn't save yet.

And after I typed this I go back to see that the pop-up window was hidden and I have to wait for it to save because it wasn't saved yet.

23-Emerald II

There is an option (at least in WF5 and below) called SAVE_OBJECTS. By default (CHANGED_AND_SPECIFIED) it saves what you tell it to and whatever is "related" to the object you are saving. So if you have an assembly open and you modify a part in the assembly and the save the assembly, your part should also save. This is also true if you save a drawing, it will save the part or assembly that is active in the drawing (provided you changed it)

The non-default values for this option include "ALL", "CHANGED", "CHANGED_AND_UPDATED".

In my years of using pro/e, I have never had a problem where I felt that when I saved an assembly or drawing that it didn't save the parts also if I made a change to one or many. If you are not using PDMLink, you can easily test this by saving an assembly which has a changed part in it and looking at what files were saved on the hard drive at that time. PDMLink shows you what file you have modified also so it's pretty obvious what it saved.

All that being said, the only complaint I ever hear after a crash is "I wish I would have saved more often" and never "I save too many times". Never heard that one in 18 years of pro/e.


I am one of those people that needs some level of confirmation on save about what was actually saved. There is no such feedback with the save command. When you hit Save, it pops up with the current top level file in the dialog. In the history lines, it tells you that only the current top level object was saved. There is nothing to give you the peace of mind needed to know that -everything changed- was actually saved. Add to this the syntax and logic of the option CHANGED_AND_SPECIFIED... can be read two ways. The AND is a logic statement that says IF changed -AND- IF specified. Of course there is no further help on this.

Is it too much trouble to ask the dialogs to be specific about -WHAT- was changed and _WHAT- was saved?

I don't know how long the SAVE_OBJECTS has been around, but my habits come from 2000i.

23-Emerald II

Ahh, now there's the good idea. In the message log, it should tell you what files were actually saved. That's a win-win as long it doesn't add another confirmation box that pops up behind your active window waiting for you to click OK (no other options, just OK) for it to actually save.

.... and as I read this I go back to find the pop-up window hinding and now have to wait for it to save......

Hi Folks,

Also non PDM.

The SAVE_OBJECTS config has been around for at least as long as I have been using ProE. Our setting was to us SAVE_OBJECTS CHANGED and if we saved the assembly then anything changed in it (features or items in the assembly) were saved. If a drawing was opened and the model/assembly changed and the drawing saved then everything in the drawing gets saved. Agree there is little feedback other than the one line at the level that you invoke the save but have been doing it so long I trust it now.

You can always be particularly paranoid and use the file backup command to a subdirectory and see every single thing from what you saved and everything in it saved as a .1 version. Trick though, at least the way we were using it, is that this backup became the working model which is not the way I like it so had to delete and erase from session and go back to main working area. Very useful nonetheless.

Regards, Brent

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