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Saving in last dir opened from versus working


Saving in last dir opened from versus working

Proe users,

save_object_in_current no

Does this option set to no mean that files continue saving in the working
dir, even if a file is opened from another location? My set-up works fine
but another user is having issues with his parts saving to the server after
opening someone else's part from there.

Thank you

Ryan Crisp | Mechanical Engineer

Priority Designs
501 Morrison Rd.
Columbus, OH 43230
(614) 337-9979

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Here is some information on the MCAD forum from a similar topic:

. Working directory (MCAD forum):
21-Topaz II


Here's what the WF4 help says about that option:

Saves the object retrieved from a directory where you do not
have write permission. See the override_store_back option. The objects
to be saved are set by the save_objects configuration option.

no-Does not save the object.

yes-Saves the object in the current directory.

Looks like it has to do with write permissions and works in conjunction
with a couple of other options.

That said, I believe that PTC changed the default behavior of the
file-open dialog a couple of releases ago to behave more like other
Windows programs. By default, Pro|E will now default to the last
directory browsed to rather than the working directory every time. The
config option 'file_open_default_folder' controls that behavior. Set it
to 'working_directory' for the old behavior (check the help files for
other settings).

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer