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Silent uninstall of PTC Creo 7.0 Help


Silent uninstall of PTC Creo 7.0 Help

I am currently working on automating the installs and uninstalls for PTC Creo and Creo Help.  So far the Creo programs were fairly simple to create xml files and also to silently uninstall using the provided bat scripts in the program InstallManager folder.  This solved the issue of manually uninstalling each component and user interaction.


My problem with the the Creo HelpCenter piece.  As with Creo, it was easy to create the xml files to silently install.  I have hit a roadblock with the uninstall though.  If I try to run the uninstall piece by piece (such as Simulate help) user interaction is required.  I have checked and can't find parameters to have it run silently without user interaction.  There is also no provided scripts to streamline the uninstall.


Does anyone know a workaround?  One option could be a brute force deleting of the folder and registry entries but i would prefer not to do that unless necessary as i expect residual pieces outside of the Uninstall portion of the registry.

23-Emerald II

Creo has never used the registry to store values in, so unless they have changed with Creo 7, deleting the folder will be all that is needed.

We have always copied the install location to a network drive and then run all of our users against the single network location. Very simple and no headaches as to who has which build, etc.


I am just starting to look at Creo 7, due to it not being supported on WIndchill 11.0. If Creo does now use the registry, would someone point me to some documentation on that fact.



Just a small note on the subject ... Creo installers write information to the system registry, but Creo does not need this information to run.

Martin Hanák

I just opened a case with PTC. This isn't working as it should. In the past this syntax would uninstall the help silently:

"C:\ptc\Creo\help\creo_help_pma\bin\uninstall.lnk -quite"


In Creo I'm getting this error: 

'"C:\ptc\Creo\help\creo_help_pma\bin\uninstall.lnk -quite"' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.


The path in that link is: 

"C:\ptc\Creo\help\creo_help_pma\InstallManager\pim_rm.exe" -xmlPath "c:\ptc/Creo"


I tried via the uinstall string in the registry, but I can't get it to work silently even when adding /quite or -quite.

The uninstall string = 

"c:\ptc\Creo\help\creo_help_pma\InstallManager\pim_rm.exe" -xmlPath "c:\ptc\Creo\help\creo_help_pma\bin\pim\xml" /quiet


it's located here in the registry.

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\PTC Creo Parametric Help Version


If PTC gives me a suitable answer I'll post it. I'm surprised that a year from the original post there isn't a solution that has been posted. 

I got it to work by using a command prompt window ran as administrator and inserting -quiet between the two command strings. 

Example: (my install path will be different than yours)

"C:\CAD\PTC-Help\Creo\help\creo_help_pma\InstallManager\pim_rm.exe" -quiet -xmlPath "c:\CAD\PTC-Help\Creo\help\creo_help_pma\bin\pim\xml"

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