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Stability issue


Stability issue

I am new inexperienced user and my native language is not English, so maybe there will be some errors in this post, sorry.

I installed the last version of Creo Elements 6.0 few days ago. In the beginning there was only annoing flickering and flashing of the screen at every mouse movement.

Now the program stalls and crashes everi few minutes. Especially when try to draw line.

Could be downloaded some earlier, but more stable version of the program?

My PC is not so powerful, but I think it complies with the requirements:

Win7 Profesional


PIV 3GHz 2threads

Best regards,



This is typical of a graphics driver issue. Creo Elements is different from my program, Creo parametric, but the symptoms are the same.

You can try to contact PTC support to determine if your graphics hardware can be made compatible if you have a maintenance contract.

Thank you for this sugestion, but after adding GeForce adapter rated 6.5 by Windows the problem continue. Now don't blink, but crashes and crashes...

Will have to search for another program.

Performance is not the same as compatibility.

Firstly, the GeForce range is intended for gaming and general use (Direct3D); Quadro cards are recommended for CAD (OpenGL).

Secondly, people have often reported better results using older drivers, or drivers supplied by the system manufacturer (e.g. Dell) rather than the most up-to-date drivers.

This document is for Creo Parametric, but I'm linking it here for others who might read this thread:

Graphics issues running Creo on low spec computers

Thank you for your reply, but I think the problem is not graphics. With the crash-pop-up mesage for second can be read something like: "segmentation violation". I think this is something with memory access by the program.

Anyway, this program refuses to work on my computer...

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