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Suggestions from users


Suggestions from users


will there a possibility for PTC users to make suggestions to Creo and the specific tools ? Maybe with a voting which option should be integrated. A new program is a chance to improve the relations between PTC and the users (customers).

Autodesk gives beta keys to registered users with active subscription. So users have the chance to test the product and to make suggestions for new features. Will PTC do the same ? I look forward to Creo and hope that the problems of Pro/E will be solved, that you have one (intuitive) UI for all apps, less clicks and mouse moves, a good help center (animations and pictures are very helpful), a fair license model, and so on.

I think a lot of your users are interested in helping active (not only by your community) in improving your products.

PTCs competitors are close (or beyond?) . If PTC creates a v1.0 which won't be useable (bugs, unlogic functions, complicated use with a lot of workarounds) some customers will migrate to other systems, more useable, cheaper (arguments for managers), more intuitive (did PTC understand the ribbon menu of MS Office? - there are slight differences to the ribbon menu in WF5 !).

The company I'm working for is thinking of switching to another CAD-system. At the moment our only real argument is our data pool. So if Creo won't bring any real improvements at least 16 license (incl. maintenance) are lost.

Season's Greetings.


I like this idea.

I agree completely with the users statement. I too have been tasked by our VP's to best utilize our software. Our users are frustrated with the inability to create enhancements to minimize our everyday needs. Moving from Wildfire 3 to 5 has caused some confusion and resentment. If the users at our facility and elsewhere that really use the software could impact the product, PTC would have faithful users. If the UI can be opened up to allow more freedom I think the maintenance fees wouldn't sting as bad.

just my 2 cents.

Have you checked out this blog?

Earlier this year the R & D team assigned resources in 2010 to investigate building a whole new approach to the problem. To date I have been leading this effort. The goal of this team is to provide a way for customers to submit their ideas and collaborate with each other through a voting mechanism as you mentioned.

PTC recognizes that the current enhancement request process and tools that are in place today are not an effective means for customers and Product Managers to have discussions around future suggestions. This results in valuable customer ideas that are potentially not addressed and as a consequence customers that are dissatisfied with the process.

To date this concept has been presented to our Technical Committee members via a webcast in March 2010 and was presented at PTC/USER in Orlando in June 2010. The feedback that we have received echoes your dissatisfaction with the current process and those that have seen our efforts are eager to get on board.

Please be patient with us while we strive to find a new solution that will meet our needs from a technology standpoint while ensuring that the new process will not be a repeat of the existing process in place today. This is of course even more of a challenge given the new Creo activity, but as you mentioned I think this is the perfect opportunity to introduce such a concept.



That sounds good.

Hopefully you'll get it right before Creo 1.0 is released.

I would *love* to achieve that goal but I can't promise anything just yet. I am an advocate of such a system and am doing my best to socialize internally so that we can get the budget and resources to implement it some day.

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