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Regenerate Read Only Objects...


Regenerate Read Only Objects...

I could use some help. We are getting the occasional "failure" when using Pro-E WF4 (with Intralink 9.1) where the message box "Skipped Regeneration of Read Only Object" appears. While this may be midly annoying to the occasional user, it's really a PITA to those using assemblies driven by Skeletons and Layouts. What's annoying about it is that it only points out one read only object at a time. In order to fix this and get the assembly to update, I need to switch the object to non-read only (Check out or continue). Then return to the assembly where it will fail again, forcing me to go to the next part, sub-assembly, etc.

I have recently changed a option "regenerate_read_only_objects" to "yes", which is the default option but one that PTC apparently does not want you to set it to as our system admin tells us that it was recommended he set it to "no". When I set it to "yes" I instead get a message that pulls up all the failed parts and allows me to check them out vs. the one at a time do nothing methodology Pro-E was following before.

Does anyone else see this and have a different fix for this? I'd like to understand also why only some parts are affected and not all of them. Parts that are following the skeleton vs. parts that are not doesn't seem to make sense to me the way the assembly in this instance is setup. Is there some way (other than checking them out) that I can make the parts "non-read only" parts?

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You said "What's annoying about it is that it only points out one read
only object at a time.", do you mean you only see one line in the
message are?  If so, try going to info -" Session Info -> Message Log
and you may be able to see all the items there.  Sometimes Pro;/E
condenses the shown lines, but the entire log is viewable there.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Thanks Doug,

You're right, the message log does contain the list of failed parts although only the last part shows in a dialog box. This still is a long way about the problem but it does give us an alternate way to go.

Still looking for info on the "regenerate_read_only_objects" config option.

Appreciate the post...

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