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Summary "Does your company have both WF4 and 3? Will there be any risk that WF4 overwrite WF3 d


Summary "Does your company have both WF4 and 3? Will there be any risk that WF4 overwrite WF3 d

Pro Gurus:

Thank you all for your inputs and suggestions. Below are the responses
that I have received. Since our company doesn't have a Pro/E administrator
and PDM yet, the only thing I can do for now are:

- Suggestion #2.

- As for suggestion #4.1, I can't not remove write access to the library
since I am the designated person to update and maintaine the library parts
and template. However, I will look into 4.2 and 4.3.

------------ 1 -------------

Pro/e shouldn’t save template and format files into their folders unless
you explicitly ask it to. Library parts might have more risk to them if
users simply assemble them from the library rather than backing them up
into their working directory. Aside from that, a couple of things come to

First, even if they do get saved, they will get incremented so as long as
the folder isn’t purged old WF3 versions will still be available. You just
may have to do some digging to find them.

Second, in situations like this where I don’t want files overwritten, I
simply create a zip file within that directory containing a copy of the
‘good files’. I use a zip file rather than a subfolder because, while
Pro/E will read from a zip file, I don’t believe it will write into one.
So they cannot be overwritten inside a zip file. If they get messed up,
simply extract them from the zip.

------------ 2 -------------

You ought to also make sure your startparts and template are set to read
only. That way they can’t be overwritten. You can also make the directory
read only for everyone but the admin.

------------ 3 -------------

If your account is also an admin account, create a secondary account with
normal user rights and do all your WF4 work from that account. This will
prevent you from overwriting library and template files.

------------ 4 -------------

We use PDMLink and control access to the library where users cannot write
to it.

If you don’t have a PDM system, you can try something like this. I did not
take the time to look at the config options but if you cannot find them,
let me know and I will send them to you.

1. Remove write access to the library folder

2. Change your config options so that files are stored back to their
original folders and not the working folder

3. Change your config options so that only new or modified objects are

------------ 5 -------------

We have installations of WF3, WF5, and Creo 1, all using global template
files which are downloaded to the individual version installation template
folders. This allows us to control what is in the global template files
(they are in a read only directory) with a script that validates that
network folder content against those installed on our users computers. We
have a script that runs periodically during the day – if we change
something in an “updates” folder it automatically pushes it out to the
users machines. There are individual “updates” folders for each release,
allowing us to make a change say in the WF3 templates folder without
affecting WF5 or Creo 1 – if we want them all to update we change the
part/assembly/drawing template in each folder.

This way they can’t overwrite the global baselines, and they don’t run into
issues when using multiple releases of the software.

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Setting the files themselves to read only won't help since Pro/E creates
a new file at each save and those new files are the ones that Pro/E
'sees' when browsing a folder.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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