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Triad License Server

23-Emerald IV

Triad License Server

Is anyone using the flexlm license server in a Triad configuration on diverse networks in geographically diverse locations? PTC recommends keeping them on the same IP subnet.

I am trying to find a way to continue sharing licenses with one of our facilities in another location and at the same time allow them to access licenses when our link to them goes down. The triad seems like it might work, but I would love to hear from those who are actually using it. Thanks.

Tom U.
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23-Emerald II

I have recently moved to a triad, all local, and noticed that I must have 2 of the servers up in order for it to work. With only one server up, There is no quorum established and my users could not obtain a license. Luckily I had the old single license server still running and repointed the .psf file back to it for the day while IT had my triad down.

If having the quorum is a problem, you can always split your license file between the 2 locations with multiple entries on the license line: 7788@server_local, 7788@server_remote. I have done this at another location when we had users in remote locations. All licenses are available, just pulls from the local pool before the remote pool. Set the remote users so their local is your remote.


We have a similar set up to what you describe and to be honest it doesn't work very well for us. We have 3 geographically diverse sites all connected to the same company network with Creo users at each of the sites.

We still have instances of users on any of our 3 sites losing their licences and when they hit the 'Retry' button, when it pops up, it makes no difference - they have to exit Creo and restart. My understanding was that this sort of situation would no longer happen except in the instances when links to all 3 servers go down - maybe that is wrong on my part.

If anybody can clarify for me how it should work I too would be interested in hearing responses.


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This is anecdotal evidence only, but we have had license issues ever since going to Windchill. Prior to that our triad setup ran fine, but with Windchill (and now SAP) I've suspected the triad setup was a little too sensitive to disruptions.

Users would encounter a lost license and be prompted to regain the license. Even with licenses available they would have to close and reopen ProE.

Within the past year we've moved to a single license server (our IT swears they can resurrect the virtual system without disruption) and it's been a while since I heard anyone complain about losing a license.

We had a triad setup all on the same subnet (in the same room). 50 state-side users with another 20 scatter global. The global users were the ones having troubles.


We’ve been operating on a license triad for years with the benefits outweighing any detracting aspects.As others have noted, all three computers need to have excellent communication with each other so the guidelines suggest having them all on the same subnet. And yes, at least two of the three must be on for licenses to be served, otherwise you could easily beat the license count limit set in your license file.

Keep in mind you can have your client application look to multiple servers, triad or not or, or a mix of single node and triad. Typically the client just looks in a setup file or line in the startup file for the list of potential points to gain a license and goes down the list asking for a license. It doesn’t really care that it’s a triad, a single server, a bunch of single servers or a mix. With that you could list your three triad servers first and a single node server second (or vice versa).

If you are trying to keep users at a second site running when the link goes down between your site, where licenses are served, and the
remote site, you’ll have to have a license service running at their end. Even if you were able to successfully split the triad between locations, the location you want to keep always running would have to have at least two of the nodes, and the other site would be without licenses as soon as communication was lost. I would probably either split the licenses to separate single server services or separate triads. That or as Ben mentioned, keep a triad at the main location, splitting off a minimal number to a single node server at location two to keep the bare bones minimum number of people running there should the link go down. Just put that first in their startups so they exhaust their local licenses before going to the remote service – otherwise you could have licenses sitting there unused.

We have also experienced having to exit and restart when a license is lost (retry fails) but narrowed it down to how the license service handles add-on modules. For instance, if you have a regular seat of Pro/E (Creo Parametric) and designated it to startup with an AAX license that sits in a separate pool as an add-on (its own line item in your license file, not part of your feature set within the Pro/E license) weird things can happen. We used to have this setup and had more Pro/E licenses than we did AAX. If a user’s Pro/E session times out (call them user “A”), the whole set of licenses is returned to the pool including the AAX. If someone else (user “B”) starts and grabs a Pro/E license and that AAX license, which happens to be the last AAX add-on left, when user “A” goes active again it gains the Pro/E license back but not an AAX license, so it considers the whole session as failing to gain a license, forcing the user to exit. User A then restarts Pro/E and gets a license, but not for AAX and they are fine (provided they don’t need the functionality provided by AAX). This doesn’t seem to align with what some of you are describing as a triad related issue, but it’s worth checking.