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WF4 and Weight

23-Emerald II

WF4 and Weight

We just moved from WF2 to WF4 on Monday. On a newly created part, I am having problems getting pro_mp_mass to generate. I run a mass props and it gives me the correct weight but that is not filling out the system parameter.

Two ways I have been able to force this:
1. go through the menus EDIT - SETUP - MASS PROPS - GENERATE REPORT will fill out the system parameter
2. set option mass_property_calculate AUTOMATIC

I'm not sure what the effects are of using the config setting. Any thoughts?

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If I remember correctly, you need to put the mass property calculation
in the 'footer' and/or set a config setting like:

mass_property_calculate ...

I like this better, because I show the weight on drawings, and always

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

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23-Emerald II

Our CadAdmin guy admitted they just missed the mass_property_calculate AUTOMATIC option when they set up the company standard I had already added it to my personal to test it. Best as I can tell, most of us at this location as using the option in WF2 also. I didn't see any drawback to using it. I don't know for a fact if it slows down regeneration or not...if I had to guess, I would say it does, but I didn't notice it and since most parts were already properly regenerated, that might have helped also.

I did get a couple of other suggestions.

1. Use the parameter method: weight = mp_mass(") I didn't try this but I would guess it would not solve the initial problem of getting the mass to compute the first time. It's the old-school method of getting weights on drawings (nothing wrong with that, I'm old), but it sometimes requires extra regens to get all parameters to fully update, at least that was my memory of it. I use the system parameter "pro_mp_mass" directly on drawings to get my weights displayed.

2. Add an analysis feature. This probably would have done it, but I don't know about you folksbut I made the mistake of adding analysis features to some big assys and I was hit with massive regen delays, at least that was my experience, your mileage may vary.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I'm sure I will have more during our time of transition.


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If you use the relations method in #1, add that line to the 'post regen'
section of the relations dialog and you don't need the double regen.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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