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WF4 new sketcher "diagnostics" config options?


WF4 new sketcher "diagnostics" config options?

Howdy all...

Anyone know the config options for the new WF4 sketcher diagnostics? I
have a user who would like the "SHADE CLOSED LOOPS", "HIGHLIGHT OPEN
ENDS" and "OVERLAPPING GEOMETRY" to default to "ON" in sketcher mode. A
quick look thru the online help and Help CD's was fruitless. I also
checked Olaf's online utilities and couldn't find anything... Boy, I
sure HOPE these are setable...
thanks in advance...

Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV , Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI, 48326-1766

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I have the same question and couldn't find any replies. Is there a config option to turn these on? Sketch > Diagnostics > Shade Closed Loops and Highlight Open Ends....



These are buttons that need to be activated for each Pro/E session. This has been my experience. I've not looked into the to see if they can be set permanently. I only use them when a sketch doesn't revolve or extrude as I would expect.


Once you've added the icons to your sketcher toolbar, you can save your file so that they'll be there from then on when you launch Pro/e.
just make sure you save the file to your startup directory. talk
to your local admin if you need a hand.


The icons are part of my default sketcher toolbar display but they are toggled off by default. Most options like this have a setting to control if they are initially ON or OFF.

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