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Wireless to wired internet license transfer?


Wireless to wired internet license transfer?

I installed creo 2 using a wireless internet connection. I want to use an ethernet connection, but as soon as I plug in my cable, I lose my license. Anyone know how to change the license over so it works on a wired ethernet connection?


Do you mean you tied your license to your wireless MAC address?

I think I did that years ago and just reconfigured it with the online support reconfigure tool.

Welcome to the forum, Jeff.

This seems to be a huge issue for many 1st time installers. On my laptop, the CPU_ID program also picked up my wireless MAC address rather than my Ethernet card. A very observant VAR picked up on this before ordering my license codes. If you did get codes assigned to your WiFi card, you will need a new license file to change to the Ethernet adapter.

There can also be issues with priorities of your network adapters within your windows registry. My Ethernet adapter was assigned 0002 and my wireless was assigned 0012. Oddly enough, to Windows, 12 comes before 2. Go figure. A service call straightened this out. The support tech did this on a screen sharing session.

Last, I have a fixed license and I am the only one that uses it. In order for my license not to get lost when I put the computer to sleep, they put an older Wildfire license server on my PC. It behaved a lot better after that. I can turn my WiFi on and off and no issues. It means I have to uninstall the default license server each time I upgrade, but the older version remains functional without any need to change it when I upgrade Creo.

Hope that explains a little. Get support to help you. They know this particular issue inside and out.


two "things" have an influence.

Network card order set in Windows

  • run regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkCards
  • you will see subfolders related to network cards
  • rename subfolders to set the proper order of network cards
  • e.g. 1 for WiFi and 2 for Wired
  • close regedit
  • restart Windows

DisableDHCPMediaSense in Windows

  • if you unplug LAN cable then Windows turns Wired network card off (by default), Windows skips this network card in this case
  • if you set DisableDHCPMediaSense flag, then Windows does not turn Wired network card off, if you unplug LAN cable
  • you can ask Google how to set DisableDHCPMediaSense flag

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák
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