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automatic constraints in sketch


automatic constraints in sketch



I've noticed that Creo2 offers far less automatic constraints then my trusted old WF2. Are there any settings I can adjust to get more?

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We recently upgraded from Pro/W WildFire 5.0 to Creo Parametric 2.0.

So far I have welcomed that additional constraints that were missing, but dislike that automatic constraint "normal" that interfeers with many constraints and has to be reconstrained to a more conventional constraint.

I can't give you information where you can obtain add on constraints.

Creo is not Inventor where the constraints make sense, and are easier to apply.

I think you're talking about constraints in asm?

'Normal' is indeed an annoying thing. Who wants to be normal...


Do you mean the menu options? A sketch is only going to automatically constrain to the point that it is fully constrained.


Have you tried going into File; Configuration Editor; Sketcher? The sketcher constraints can be turned on and off there.

To clarify I'll add an example. I've drawn to circles of the same size (but that doesn't matter). I want to draw a line Tangent to both. Creo suggests the first Tangent constraint, and it will also suggest the second, but never both together. As I recall WF2 did offer that when you got close enough.

@Tiim Morishita: All constraints are turned on in configuration.

First Tangent but not second:


Second Tangent is suggested but first is lost:


There is an option in the line command which draws a line tangent to two curves or circles.


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