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CMD does not close automatically after calling the parametric.bat file of Creo 2.0


CMD does not close automatically after calling the parametric.bat file of Creo 2.0

Hello All,


I have created a batch file which sets everything for an user like configuration files, start in directory and finally calls the parametric.bat file. Everything works except the cmd window does not close automatially.


I can change the parametric.bat file to parametric.exe which works as expected. However, i would like to know why it does not work with Creo 2.0 whereas it was working with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0.


call "D:\Creo2\Creo2\Creo2\Parametric\bin\parametric.bat"



Thank you!

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Hello there,

we have creo 2.0 m030 and it works fine for us.

1. we setup the shortcut started up and execute the parametric.bat This is a short cut on desktop or any program group. It is also where you set the working directory for creo parametric as well.

2. in the parametric.bat, we have all kind of environments for permissions and so on, the last line should be like so, exactly like the out of the box that parametric.bat has:

"C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Parametric\bin\parametric.exe" "C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Parametric\bin\parametric.psf" %*

*notes: you call parametric.bat from another DOS shell. that is why it is still open and not exit.

Thank you.

We have Creo 2.0 M060. I can get it to work if i call the exe file and psf file.

The method of calling batch file (proe1.bat) was working in Wildfire 5.0. I expect it should work in Creo 2.0.

disregard how you do in wildfire, it works for me as is. It should work for you if you just execute directly from parametric.bat or create a shortcut for it.

you can just put all your environments setup in that file before execute the parametric.exe

There is no in contents of the Creo 2.0 batch file if we compare it with wildfire 5.0. I am surprised why it does not work when there is no change in file contents.

i have my shortcut created for all 25 engineers so that they all execute the same environments.

i don't have the need to execute from another bat file.

if you're a developer, the execute file may not return the SIGTERM back to the 1st call bat file.

creo and wildfire may have different environments in execute the program and therefore may not return the same state.

I have it changed the way you are working. I posted it here to know if anyone else getting the same issue and of course, if PTC has to say anything.


@echo off

start "Creo 2.0 Windchill" "E:\PTC\Creo 2.0\Parametric\bin\parametric.exe" "E:\PTC\Creo 2.0\Parametric\bin\parametric_wnc.psf" %*

Thanks Sergey.

I have it that way and it's working for me withouts issues. I was interested to know if there is any change in environment of Creo which is not allowing the CMD to close automatically.

Add empty quotes before the path ""

start "" "D:\Creo2\Creo2\Creo2\Parametric\bin\parametric.bat"

Hey ,

Does anyone else have trouble getting Creo to exit when hitting the close window "X"???