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can not run cocreate modeling on windows 7


can not run cocreate modeling on windows 7

when I try to start up, the software. I get error message that says " no valid license for cocreate modeling personal edition" I have tried to install the software twice and get the same message. Please help. thanks, Josh

CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition (actually, the licensing functionality of this product) is not supported and will not run on Windows 7.

Thanks, Richard Is there anything in the works to make it run on windows 7. I thought it might run becuase it 7 has an xp mode, which is supposed to make software run. Josh

I know that this problem was under investigation. If you search this forum, you will find that this issue has been reported and verified. I do not know if there is a time frame for a new version. (or if there will be a new version of Personal Edition) Historically, CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition is based upon one version previous to the current version of CoCreate Modeling. If there is to be a new version of Personal Edition, I would not expect it until some time after CoCreate Modeling Version 17 is released (CoCreate Modeling Version 17 is scheduled for release in 2010)

Thanks, I just got it to run on windows in xp mode. You have to load the software while the xp mode is running. thanks, Josh

The funny thing is that it is not a windows 7 problem. It used to work up until the release candidate. It is one off those safety things that bothers the registration progress or one could say the registration program does something weird. And if you run it in xp mode you effectifly kill the performance since you are running it in a virtual machine hence no video hardware acceleration

CoCreate is no where near as intensive as say Inventor; and with an SSD, quad core and 4GB RAM it's not going to matter so much.

I was all charged up to run it on my win7 laptop, my desktop runs wf4. Sure would be cool if somebody patches this. I've got the home build so I can't even run the compatibility mode


CoCreate Modeling PE 3.0 has been released!

Its running on Windows 7, Vista and XP.




I have been running CoCreate Onespace designer version 11 on my desktop running XP. But when I tried to install the version 11 software to my new desktop running Window 7, it doesn't let me install stating that it is 32 bit software and cannot be installed on 64 bit desktop.

First question, is there a patch or some way to install and run version 11 on Window 7?

I installed the XP mode on my desktop and install the version 11 but it runs really slow and the graphics refresh is REALLY slow and cannot use it..

I have allocated max RAM (3240 MB). I have 16 GB physical RAM on my desktop.

Thanks in advance for any help..



the first version of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling - formerly known as OneSpace Designer - supporting Windows 7 is Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 17.0.

There have been some people trying to install Modeling 16.x on Windows 7 with success, but also under the agreement that this version is not supported on Windows 7.

The recommendation here is to upgrade to Creo Elements/Direct Version 17.0 or 18.0.

The graphics issue (delay) seems to be related to the fact that your graphicard is not used for this XP Mode and that Modeling is using software rendering. Recommendation is also to upgrade to the newest Version of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling to have fully access to the graphics and to the great new features implemented since Version 11.

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