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6-Contributor duplicates including mapkeys

My recollection is the first item in the config will load and duplicated items will be ignored?  I can only assume this will occur for mapkeys of the same name?  I could test the theory but thought it would be nice to see it here.  I came here looking for an answer and did not find it.  I went to Google and did not find the answer.  The first place I looked was documentation and could not locate it there.

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21-Topaz I

As I recall, the exact opposite is true. I had a parameter set in the beginning of my and didn't know it was also set further down. The last one was the winner, which drove me batty for a while, thinking my changes were being ignored, etc. You can test it yourself by setting a benign parameter, like

display wireframe

display shaded

Start up Creo and see whether you are in wireframe or shaded view.

If there is a config.sup in the load directory, this is run first and  this will assign the options and "lock" them.

Then, if there is a in the load directory, it will then assign these options, barring any changes from the locked .sup

Then if there is a in the start in directory, i will assign or overwrite the load directory options but barring any changes from the config.sup


Any line further down in the takes precedence over any lines earlier.

For example if you have:

Line 1: display_points no

Line 12: display_points yes

display_points yes (Line 12) is the line that is loaded in. Any previous lines above it are over written.

Same applies for mapkeys.


Hello Don,

Kenneth, Ron and Christopher are correct. See more details in this article in our knowledge database:

CS28227 : How does Creo Parametric retrieve options at startup