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creo keeps going into 'not responding' state


creo keeps going into 'not responding' state

I'm using Creo parametric 4.0 M100. For the past 2 weeks, the creo keeps going into 'not responding' state constantly and then it shows 'Regained Floating license. you can resume working'. This cycle is repeated for every 2 minutes. Its impossible to work like this. 


What's causing this & how we can fix this.


A while back I had the problem of getting a constant stream of "...Regained floating license; you can resume working" messages. My theory was that it’s a timing thing between the server license manager and the client program (Creo). The server is probably set to a “timeout” for the licenses that is shorter in duration than what the client programs are using. For example, the server expects a license request for a particular license every 120 seconds or so, but Creo is only asking for the license every 180 seconds, so the server thinks the license is no longer needed and releases it, then when the request from the client comes it gives it but triggers an alert to the user.

In my instance it was the constant notifications that was bothering me, so I killed them with the config option:

suppress_license_loss_dialog yes

If you're actually having hangups of the program with "not responding" situations, it might be something more serious with your license server. You might have to call in the PTC folks to debug the problem.

@venkatraj, communication between server and client machine might be the problem( if server is set up on a different system).You can try adding windows firewall exception on both your server and client machine to ensure smooth communication between them. You can check the following article.






We had a similar issue in the past 6 weeks where Creo Parametric was going into a not responding mode every few seconds.  You could easily see the issue in the resource monitor program.  We did not have an issue with lost licenses.


We narrowed the issue down to folks who were using a 3D spacemouse.  Updating the 3D spacemouse drivers did not help.  Rebooting the system would only eliminate the issue for a short period, and then it would return.


We assumed there was a hidden process running, most likely McAfee related, that was affecting the xtop.exe process when there was a 3D spacemouse installed.  In the task manager, you could see the CPU usage for "System Idle Process" running at ~80%, and no other programs continuously running any significant CPU percentage.


We push out system and software patches quite frequently.  After a two week period of the users having the issue, it went away, so we abandoned trying to find out the root cause.


You may be able to determine more of what is actually happening by using process explorer or procmon which are part of the sysinternals suite available from Microsoft.



Dan N.

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