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I'm in the middle of creating new start part/assy and revamping our I'm currently running into a problem with the def_layer config option.

The new start part/assy have rules based layers established in them. Everything is working great in that regard.

The old had a bunch of def_layer lines in it.

The new has all the def_layer lines removed.

When a new part or assembly is created using the new start part with the new config loaded from <loadpoint>\text, the old layers created via the now removed def_layer config options pop into existence when the appropriate feature is created. Create a datum point, and the point appears on the proper layer due to the rules established in the new start part, plus it appears on the old layer for points defined in the now defunct

I've double and triple checked for the old lurking somewhere causing this issue and I can't find it anywhere. Obviously I'm missing something. Or ProE has some ghost in the machine capable of remembering old configs even when they're no longer explicitly used.

Any clues?

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I'm going to assume WF5, but I suspect this will work with older

Look in Help | System Information

Besides showing you the version number, contract number, modules used,
etc... This will show you all of the directories accessed, and config
files referenced. You may find a file lurking somewhere
(maybe the loadpoint) that is causing your issues.

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317

Through a combination of Chris's answer and a private email... problem solved.

The .bat file I'm using to launch ProE is currently stored on a network drive. In that location is an old version of the When I created the shortcut onto my desktop from that .bat, it set the 'start in' to that location. I had checked all over on my local drives (where ProE is loaded), rather than branching out to the network.


One way of preventing that is to change directories in your start up
*.bat, right before you start proe, to the folder you want as the start
in directory. This will override the 'start in' spec in the icon
properties and 'start' proe 'in' that folder instead.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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