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dropping borrowed license


dropping borrowed license

i can borrow a license no problem but lately it isnt dropping the license after the time if up. and it wont allow use of that license from the server even though the borrow time has expired. any reason for this? or is there a way to fix this? a way to force the license drop? any help on borrowing would be great.

also i got booted out of creo when i had a bad fillet issue. it wont drop that license either. sometimes it takes a couple days to release it. why is this and how do i fix it. very frustrating when you restart the system and the server and it wont drop it.



Please post information like Creo Version/Build, License Server Version, etc. in order to get help on this kind of issue.

Also there are 2 PTC License files that get sent to you. Which one is installed on the server. Hopefully not the one that says "Standard"


as DHLewis said, your FLEXnet installation must use license.dat file containing BORROWING license. See the following example:

INCREMENT PROE_FoundationAdv ptc_d 33.0 permanent 1 \

5030B0E0964074220F0C VENDOR_STRING="VSVER=2.0 \

LO=(3,7,10,17,32,34,40,45,51,55,62,63,66,69,71,73,106,115,126,133,135,137,158,194,324,325) \

BORROW" SUPERSEDE vendor_info="VIVER=1.0 \


ISSUED=09-oct-2012 BORROW=360 \

NOTICE="Company Identification" SN=2A1807226 \

SIGN2="12C1 ACE0 CF76 D546 AA0E ADEC 06A6 E563 CBE0 \

ADEF D950 89C7 49F8 9D88 9797 11B7 BD18 0975 4E60 \

C6E8 513D 0805 8F3F 525C 97B8 6EF4 9290 6B4C 7280 \


I tested BORROW functionality long time ago in ProE WF5, this means used FLEXnet 10.8 (installed from WF5 installation media). BORROW functionality worked correctly during testing.

For example:

If I entered 0 days, the license was borrowed until 23:59 on the same day.

If I entered 1 days, the license was borrowed until 23:59 on the next day.

... and so on ...

Note 1:


The end of BORROW period is counted automatically and it is not possible to change it.

Note 2:


If your session crashes and the license is not released, then you have to turn FLEXnet service off and on. This action will release all used licenses.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák
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