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dxf files for cutting plotters


dxf files for cutting plotters

Hi alls,

I never had any problems with dxf files I've made before now.

(essentialy for sheetmetal cuttings).

Now, I have to make dxf from ProE drawings for leather cutting.

My clients are using cutting plotters.

All of them have problems for reading files.

They are using :

- Lectra softwares

- Packdesign

- Mastercam

Does someone knows if there is some settings for best reading with this kind
of softwares for 2D cutting purposes ?


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Try to find out what version of DXF they are compatible with. I haven't
output DXF in a while, but I remember that there were major differences
with v10-12 and v14-15. Mostly with the output of splines / polylines.
I can't comment on v2000-v2010.

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317

I'm not familiar with any of those programs.

However, we interface we a lot of outside suppliers that use all kinds of
different programs for creating laser cut sheetmetal.

I don't think that our own internal laser software will read any of the
AutoCAD versions that are exported from the 2000 series and beyond. It
only reads versions that were called Rev XX. We have found that we have
the best luck when we export as Rev 12 (the oldest one that is available).

I'm not for sure what you would do if your supplier needs it to be
something like Rev10 though. Pro only goes down to Rev12.

Good luck!

21-Topaz II

Rev 12 is ancient stuff. I was working in ACAD R12 back in 1995 and I
think it was a year or two old then.

Ah, yes, R12 was released in June 1992 [1], making it 20 years old this
month. Yikes.

[1] -
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Sometimes you just have to go with what works. 😉

We've actually upgraded our laser software in the last year, but I've
never gone in to see if a higher revision of DXF would work.


I would suggest you try removing the first for lines in the dxf file and see if your vendor can now read the file.

I've seen these comment lines cause problems in the past.

DXF file: aaa05-502852.dxf
Pro/ENGINEER 2010330 by Parametric Technology Corporation

David Haigh
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