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have more fonts in creo


have more fonts in creo

How to have  more fonts in creo

It might suggest putting the variable directly to all sources of windows

but then it was a bit heavy ....

Just add a folder can be within the PTC

and put there some fonts or need to taste each

they can copy the windows directory or any other


After the put a line with variable

pro_font_dir E: \ PTC \ fonts_templates


Good work



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Olá Pedro,

Eu copio as fontes do windows que quero para a directoria

C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 1.0\Common Files\M040\text\fonts

Mas colocar uma pasta no config não me parece mal.

vou testar

Pedro Neves


Se colocares nos Configs evitas ter que andar sempre a copiar cada vez que actualizas para outra versão.


A. Baridó

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