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injecting message into message log


injecting message into message log



does anyone know if it's possible to inject a message into the message log? Let me explain the problem I'm trying to solve and maybe someone can suggest a better solution. We have a start tool which sends the users the right configurations upon startup. And with that the configurations they get are based on groups. So what we would like to display somewhere inside Creo is which group the users has started with. 





if I understand it properly, you need Creo to :

1- get the information of group (outside Creo)

2- set the group name as a string

3- display it in the message log (below the graphics window) on start-up?


This looks like a toolkit project to me.


but one question: how do you define groups? do you mean different Creo command?


yup you have it right. the groups are defined in the startup application. So based on the different business units, they want different configurations. So in the startup app we created different groups and based on the group the user selects, determines the configs he gets downloaded, like the for example. I was afraid toolkit was the only way to touch that message log area. thanks for the response. 


Assuming your company has control of the startup application, modify the startup application to dump out a simple text file into %TEMP% with the startup information you wish to show, and create a mapkey & menu pick to show the text file.

The mapkey is simple:

mapkey show_grp @MAPKEY_NAMEShow startup group information;\

mapkey(continued) @MAPKEY_LABELShow Group;\

mapkey(continued) @SYSTEMstart "Show Group" notepad.exe %TEMP%\groupinfo.txt


Another simple method is to put a comment in the file specifying with which group the file is associated.  The user can open the file within Creo Parametric and see the comment.


Dan N.


if you create mapkey mentioned by dnordin, you can run it during Creo startup automatically.


Create trail file calling the mapkey


Use following command to start Creo

CREO_LOADPOINT\...\Parametric\bin\parametric.exe  path_to_trail_file

Martin Hanák

thanks guys, these are good ideas. Another option I thought of was being each group is getting a different, I could have different homepages, each one indicating on it which configuration group the user had selected.  

Very late reply but it may help someone.

I use a batch file to launch creo and take advantage of the 3 files.

System wide settings in the in the <loadpoint>/Commn Files/text folder

Group in c:\users\<username> folder

User in their start in folder which is set to c:\ptc_users\<Username>

In my launch.cmd file, I copy a dedicated group to the c:\users\<username> folder after deleting the file if it is there. This way they get the latest group settings everytime.


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