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multiple instances of a proe file


multiple instances of a proe file

In ProE we have a functionaloty which assigns incremental number instance(part.prt.1) to the file name each time it is saved like .1,.2.Is there any config setting through which we can control this , I want to disable this so that there will be only one instance of a aprt & this will be get updated each time.I am working on WF 3.0 .


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I don't see why you would want to throw away this functionality. Having
the ability to go back is a great feature. Some things you can do is to use
the or a purge utility to control the extensions. Just last week there was
a thread on the exploder that listed multiple programs and gave great
scripts for changing the file name extension numbers. Search the exploder
for (Purge - Rename Versions to .1) you should find something useful there.
But on a more direct note pro/e does not need to have the .## to open the
file so what you could do is at the end of your session you can copy the
largest numbered file to a secure location and rename it by removing the
numbered extension and keep this as your file of record.

Again I would like to state that removing the history numbers is just plain
crazy, and all it does is bring back memories of the old days when working
in Autocad on a drawing only to delete a view and two days later want it
back, but no such luck. Once you saved and purged it was gone why do that
with proe parts, assemblies, or drawings.

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