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WF 3.0 question


WF 3.0 question

In WF 2.0 M160 I used to do a View > Update > All Sheets. This would
regenerate all the models per each sheet.
The great part about this was the model tree would reflect the update of
each sheet model as it was regenerated.
Now that we have been updated to WF 3.0 when I update all sheets it
appears to update all models but it no longer shows
the model in the model tree like it used to. I need this as verification
that each model is being updated or the corporation
master "guru" will force us to go through process of opening each sheet
and saving to guarantee the drawing is associating
all models before check in. This has been a problem with WF 3.0 as it
doesn't bring out all children upon checkout even
though the Select all Children box is checked which then won't allow the
assembly model to be called up without the
individual checkouts as the error message appears. Both of these issues
are a time consuming nightmare.
Is there a config setting that I need to change or add to reflect the
regeneration of each sheets model?
Any help would be greatly (and desperately) appreciated!

WF 3.0
Version M160


Denise Hartranft
Lead Current Product Designer,
Matrix- DC Administrator / EC ECO Chairperson
Auburn Clutch Division - Eaton Corporation
Auburn, Indiana 46706

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