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scroll mouse in creo parametric


scroll mouse in creo parametric

hi. i cant use the scroll of my mous3 in ptc creo 2.0. i cant make zoom with it. the scroll of the touchpad of the toaptop doesnt work in creo too. the scroll of the microsoft mouse works correctly but in creo i cant make zoom with the scroll. what can i do??


First, you might want to look at this topic on the same issue:

Mouse wheel issues

If that does not solve your problem, the issue may be with how your touchpad drivers handle Mouse3 and the scroll. Different vendors customize the drivers in various ways. Lenovo, for example, has mouse3 set to activate panning mode (forces window scrolling left/right and up/down without activating the command for scrolling the mouse wheel). You may want to check your drivers to see how they are treating scrolling. The location of the settings should be under one of the tabs in "Mouse Properties" on the Control Panel.

Before it was working. Now it doesnt work with Windows 10.i think is it

I can scroll everywhere except in creo (i have 3.0). I did everything in the mouse wheel issues thread and it still doesn't work. It stopped working after I installed Windows 10, it worked with windows 8.1.

It's a windows 10 bug. They should have a fix fairly soon.

Hi, I also have windows 10 and just solved this problem.... (you will have to apologize me, because my system is in spanish) you need to go to your computer's device settings, try to find the "mouse" option, and deactivate where it says something about similar to... displace the inactive content of windows when passing by with the mouse on top of it. (check the image... as I said, in spanish)

Hope it works for you!



This worked for me thanks


Hi Afonso,

If one of the responses, helped resolve your issue, would you please mark it as the Correct Answer.  That way other users visiting the discussion will know, as the correct answer gets copied right below the question.



Hola, Muchas gracias de verdad, tengo creo 3 en windows 10 y busque por todos lados. Muchas Gracias.

Thanks , My Problem is solved by follow your comment

Thank you Laura that worked perfect!

Gracias Laura, eso arreglo el problema!


Perfect +++

even in Spanish that was easy!

Thank you Laura that worked correct !!!