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Alignmente Value Display - Twx 8.5.1


Alignmente Value Display - Twx 8.5.1

Hi everyone!


I'm beginner to thingworx and I'm having very difficult to configure a value display widget.


I was able to bind a data on value display and it is having worked well.


My problem is:


How to configure the color, text, font, alignment that value display?


Below is the picture of my mashup with value display and its configurations:


Geral Editor.JPG


And below is the picture of my mashup in mode run:


Geral Rodando.JPG


It's possible to realize the wrong alignmente and I already tried to create a "Style Theme" and it don't work.


Can anyone help me with this alignment issue?




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Re: Alignmente Value Display - Twx 8.5.1

There are style themes that are basically CSS layers/definitions

but for just the value display for starters it might be easiest to just set the Style Definition in the properties to one that you want.

Something I think that might be called ValueDisplayStyle and it has a painter's palette as the icon.


Re: Alignmente Value Display - Twx 8.5.1



There is an issue already reported with value display, please see here:

For center alignment, you can use following custom CSS:

text-align: center !important;


Hope it helps,

Raluca Edu

Chatbot Integration

can u pls help me that how to integrate chatbot in thingworx?

Re: Alignmente Value Display - Twx 8.5.1

@einsfeldleo  Additionally, there is another issue reported at


The article shows a workaround using Style Scheme to address the color, though the Custom CSS solution presented by Raluca should also work in theory for color too.

Re: Chatbot Integration

I think you should start a separate thread about this?

What handles does the chatbot have?

Most of these are 'message' based I think? If that is the case, you will likely have to create a custom extension similar to some of the ones you find in the Marketplace like the MQTT extension.

Re: Chatbot Integration

Yes, message based only... please help me to do that.

Re: Chatbot Integration

Can u tell me the name of that extension?

Re: Chatbot Integration


if you need something more enterprise, you would use the protocol adapter toolkit


Re: Chatbot Integration

I am creating on e mashup, i passed the link into the webframe.  That link is working properly in chrome but it is not properly working in mashup ?
could u help for me  the above problem?


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