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Best Way to Code


Best Way to Code

Hi Everyone, I am currently running  Thingworx version 9.3.5,
I am currently trying to run a code on replacing X number for a message what would be the best way to do that?
Example below:

let message = "";

switch (number) {

    case 253:

        message = "On Standby";



Hi @VC_10938534 


You can create an DataTable with number as primary key to store this data.


In script, you can use GetDataTableEntryByKey service to get message value which will avoid long if or switch condition in code.


Also in future if you need to add more number and message, you can add entry directly in DataTable without altering the script.



Im fairly new to coding would this be right?
var params = {
tableName: "YourDataTableName",
key: "YourKeyToSearch"

var result = Things["YourDataTableThing"].GetDataTableEntryByKey(params);

if (result !== undefined && result !== null) {
var messageValue = result.messageField;

} else {

Yes your method is right.


But we can optimize it by bit

var messageValue = "Message not found";

// result: INFOTABLE dataShape: ""
let data = Things["DATATABLE"].GetDataTableEntryByKey({
	key: "KEYVALUE" /* STRING */

if(data.length > 0){
    messageValue = data.messageField;


Also refer -Best Practices for Coding in JavaScript (



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