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Entity Visibility Permission - Organization Unit


Entity Visibility Permission - Organization Unit


I have created an Organization say "Org" with two units "Unit A". and "Unit 2".

And i have created one thing called "Thing 1".

I gave visibility permissions as "Unit A" can able to see "Thing 1". Now i am editing an Organization unit "Unit A" to "Unit B". I am getting a message like "Please be careful! Changing the name of an Organizational Unit may have unintended consequences if it is already being used in visibility permissions on other ThingWorx entities."  Is there any possibility to edit the Organization unit name without affecting the Visibility permissions of entity?


It will not allow you to change the actual unit if you try to rename it from the Rename button .For example if you try to rename Unit1 to Unit3 then it will create a Unit3 separately instead of doing anything to Unit1 .You can see this change after saving and closing the organization and reopening it after that .So basically unit/organization visibility relation once maintained with any entity will not change by renaming the unit from organization page .Even if you try it it will not change the original unit instead it will add a new one in the structure and visibility will remain same with the entity .   



what service have you used to set the visibility permission?

what I mean is exactly, how you are passing the name of Organizational Unit as an input parameter?



Abhishek kumar


var params = {
principal: undefined /* STRING */,
principalType: undefined /* STRING */

// no return

TestThing - Entity Name (Thing)

Principal - Organization Name or Organization Unit Name

PrincipalType - "Organization" or "OrganizationalUnit"